Please see "Steps to Becoming EcoWise Certified in IPM Service" for complete details

  • Step 1: Determine Eligibility  +  (click on box to show/hide details)

  • Step 2: Company representatives attend an EcoWise Certified Orientation; company representatives attending must include, at minimum:
    1. Either the business owner or branch manager and
    2. The field representative(s) and/or operator(s) wishing to become EcoWise Certified Practitioners

  • Step 3: Fill out the Business Application, and attach the following:  +  (click on box to show/hide details)

  • Step 4: Send in the Business Application for Review to:
    • William Quarles, Program Manager
      EcoWise Certified, c/o BIRC
      P.O. Box 7414, Berkeley, CA 94707

  • Step 5: Have an EcoWise Certified IPM Practitioner on Staff  +  (click on box to show/hide details)

  • Step 6: Document 10 IPM Service Visits  +  (click on box to show/hide details)

  • Step 7: Within 1 year of your application, contact the Program Manager to schedule an office visit and field evaluation for your business; the documents listed below must be submitted during the office visit:  +  (click on box to show/hide details)

  • Step 8: Become Fully EcoWise Certified. The Program Manager will review all documents submitted and make the final determination on your certification. If there are deficiencies in either your application or your evaluations, the Program Manager will work with you to try to rectify them.