About EcoWise

EcoWise Certified is an independent, third-party certification program that distinguishes knowledgeable, leading-edge licensed pest management professionals who practice prevention-based pest control. EcoWise Certified practitioners employ a variety of common sense techniques to control pests effectively, minimizing the need to use pesticides. Pests are denied food, water, shelter and access to your home or facility, providing lasting control.

EcoWise Certified service providers are available to control pests in and around buildings, including homes, schools, businesses, institutions and government facilities. EcoWise Certified professionals can manage ants, roaches, flies, spiders, rodents, stinging insects, bed bugs and many other pests. Note: EcoWise Certification does not cover termites or other wood destroying organisms.

More information about EcoWise

Knowledge first

EcoWise Certified professionals must pass a rigorous exam and field audit to demonstrate expertise in prevention-based pest control practices. They use their knowledge of how pests live, feed, reproduce and move to effectively solve pest problems.

EcoWise values the partnership between the professional and the customer.

The EcoWise Certified professional engages the customer in solving the pest problem. Through communication and cooperation, each party has a role to play in providing long lasting pest control.